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Aspiring Directors Immersion Programme (ADIP) offers prospective directors a structured and accelerated path to develop directorship competencies. It comprises a series of technical and behavioural-based training and immersive learning through board simulation, one-on-one mentoring, and networking opportunities. This 12-month programme aims to:

  • Develop the next generation of board directors to address the gap of qualified directors who have the expertise and skills to lead in a fast-evolving business landscape, and
  • Build a diverse pool of competent director candidates to enable greater board diversity and strengthen board effectiveness.

ADIP participants, upon completion of the programme, will be recognised as ICDM Graduate Directors. The ICDM Graduate Director is not a membership type but denotes the milestone achieved by the individuals in acquiring directorship competencies. It forms a benchmark recognition for first-time directors, enabling them to progress into a board position with greater recognition, confidence and prospects.


Criteria and Expectation

Selection and admission of participants will be based on the following criteria:

  • Possesses the following minimum qualification and experience:
    • Has held a senior management position (C-suite and C-1 positions))
    • Has interacted and engaged with board directors for at least 3 years (e.g. finance, commercial development strategy, strategy & risk, human capital strategy, ICT strategy, Mergers & Acquisition, ESG and sustainability etc).
    • Has a minimum of 15-20 years of working experience from current and previous career/business.
    • Is familiar with monthly financial reports.
    • Does not have a bad reputation or bad publicity on the internet or media.
    • Can serve a company board even though is currently employed, can devote sufficient time to directorship duties.
  • Board Personality and Judgement: Has a positive demeanour, appears calm and confident and is capable of high-level decision-making or policy setting even when under pressure in the boardroom. Shows maturity as a ‘team player’ i.e. respects others and supports the board's collective decisions. Possesses integrity and supports corporate governance.
  • Critical Thinking & Communications: Has the willingness to engage in board debates, asks the right questions, critically challenges without dominating, thinks in the best interest of the company and is capable of offering rational, succinct, or even contrary perspectives. Possesses the intellect to analyse, evaluate & contribute positively to board discussions. Is incisive.
  • Business Acumen: Has the requisite leadership or advisory skills and experience in business management and/or international operations that are likely to benefit listed companies. Brings or adds marketing or operational management skills or overseas knowledge to their board, especially if currently is or was ex-CEO/MD level.
  • Unique Contribution: Has desirable competencies for future boards, for examples: (a) expertise in strategy, technology, finance, CG, risk management, corporate law, banking, regulatory, ESG etc, or (b) high visibility & presence, personal networks and contacts.

If a participant is appointed to a board position in between the programme, he or she will be able to continue with the programme if there is no conflict of interest. In unforeseen circumstances where a participant has to withdraw from the programme, a withdrawal cost equivalent to the attended/completed stage is applicable.


Programme Details

Programme roadmap at a glance.

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Pre-Programme Eligibility

  • Participants must be admitted at least as an ICDM Affiliate to be considered for this programme.
  • All ICDM Affiliates will go through a screening to determine their level of board readiness and be advised on suitable developmental programmes or activities that can help the Affiliate move forward constructively. The ICDM Affiliates will be given a score that indicates a prescribed outcome as below:
Total Score Outcome
11 — 15 To be included in Director's Registry immediately
7 — 10 Need to attend selected programmes and mentoring within 1 year
6 and below Need to build relevant experience to be Board-ready.
  • Affiliates who score between 11 and 15 will be the primary pool from which the participants will be selected.
  • ICDM Ordinary Members are exempted from Affiliate Screening and scoring requirements.

Stage 1

Psychometric Profiling & Background Screening

  • Participants will take a psychometric assessment to get deep insight into their behavioural patterns. A report will be generated, and a debrief will be organised to help participants appreciate the insight.

Build Competencies

  • Objective: To align ADIP board candidates with the foundational directorship knowledge and mindset.
  • Introduction to Corporate Directorship Course (1.5 days)
  • Board Dynamics Bootcamp (1.5 days)
  • Role of the Non-Executive Director (4 hours)
  • Branding for Board Directors – Enhancing Your Profile for the Board (4 hours)
  • Building Your Online Presence with LinkedIn (2 hours)

Stage 2

Strengthen Competencies with the ICDM Fundamentals Suite

  • Module A: Behind Boardroom Door -Strategy & Risk Management Oversight
  • Module B: Stakeholder Engagement for Board
  • Module C: Reputation Management: More Than Just Crisis Control
  • Module D: Financial Essentials for Directors
  • Module E: Preparing the Board for Digital Disruption

Mentoring & Networking Support

  • One-on-one Mentoring by an ICDM Fellow
    • Mentoring provides a conducive environment to get practical guidance and tips while establishing new perspectives and maturity in director effectiveness.
    • It also helps raise visibility and build valuable networks with the mentors, which may go a long way post the programme.
  • Mentees Sharing Sessions
    • Thematic sharing session with a panel of seasoned directors who may include NRC chairs
  • Independent Directors Networking Session
    • Dialogue with regulators and other INEDs
  • NRC Networking Session
    • Meet and greet the directors and governance professionals who are involved in board nomination work.
    • On a complimentary and non-guaranteed basis, ICDM endeavours to match ADIP board candidates for a board immersion experience with either but not limited to established startups, foundations (as a trustee), SMEs, NGOs, private limited companies, non-listed companies, universities, etc. This can come with fiduciary duties or as a board observer or as an independent contributor via a board committee, all on a voluntary basis.
    • Board immersion is dependent on the successful matching of candidates and your experience and the needs of the organisation, and it may take an extended period of up to 6 months after graduation. This will not impact the ADIP graduation timeline.

Stage 3


  • Graduation networking event attended by stakeholders and graduates
  • Profiling of ICDM Graduate Directors on social media
  • Inclusion of ICDM Graduate Directors into the ASEAN Director pool
Enrolment Fee
  • Fee Per Person: RM20,000
  • For enrolment of 3 pax and above from the same company/group, a discount of RM1000 per person will be accorded.

For enquiry, please email to [email protected].

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