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Introduction to Corporate Directorship 18 Jun 2019 The Majestic Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

Are you an aspiring, prospective or newly appointed director? If you are, it is essential that you understand the principles and elements of good corporate governance, the fiduciary duties and liabilities as expected under the law and what it takes to be an effective director within today’s business environment. This 1.5-day programme will provide a strong foundation towards your corporate directorship journey.

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FCD – Module A: The Role of the Board in Strategy & Risk Management Oversight 29 Apr 2019 Sasana Kijang, Kuala Lumpur

This 1-day Board Strategy & Risk Management Programme is a core module designed to explore the role of the Board in strategy setting and implementation in order to meet its goals whilst responding to changes in its environment. The programme also focuses on the importance of a top-down approach in risk management by the Board in efforts to cultivate a proactive approach.

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Audit Conference Committee 2019: Meeting the New Expectations 15 Apr 2019 Connexion Conference & Event Centre

Audit Committee is a central pillar of effective corporate governance which provides effective oversight of performance, independence and objectivity of the audit function. This is in parallel with the current events related to the corporate governance matters. This annual conference is a must-attend event for audit committee members as they navigate the governance landscape and fulfil their fiduciary responsibilities.

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The Role of Audit Committees in Ensuring Organisational Integrity, Risk & Governance 09 Apr 2019 The Majestic Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

This 2-day Audit Committee Programme is specially designed to explore best practices, current trends and issues that are relevant to members of Audit Committees in particular, as well as for all public listed company directors.

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The Board Journey 26 Mar 2019 DoubleTree by Hilton KL

In support of the gender diversity agenda, ICDM is encouraging talented senior women executives to participate in this unique 3.5-day programme which is aimed at nurturing talented women executives for directorship opportunities and lay the ground work for future placements on boards of public and private companies. ICDM members will be entitled to 15% savings and will obtain 20 CPD pointsupon completion.

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PowerTalk #3: Revisiting the Misconception of Board Remuneration 13 Mar 2019 Forum, Level 1, Sasana Kijang

There are increasing demands on directors of today – with independent non-executive directors (NEDs) carrying the same legal duties, responsibilities and potential liabilities as their executive counterparts. NEDs play an integral balancing role in segregating management and independent supervision and it is therefore essential that remuneration remains attractive to appeal to the relevant experienced and skilled individuals. Despite the increase in risks, responsibilities and expectations, remuneration for NEDs has not increased in line with executive remuneration. The ideal board remuneration issue has always been a challenge in many countries, but efforts to commensurate NEDs’ fee with...

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Governance Symposium 2019 07 Mar 2019 Hilton Petaling Jaya

Good governance depends on a robust governance eco-system where all parties are co-operating in harmony and compliant to the rule of just and equitable laws, to protect stakeholders’ and public interest.This Symposium seeks to bring together decision makers from diverse companies and industries to discuss processes and solutions for enhancing governance, which in turn will support the continuing development of a healthier and more robust governance eco-system.

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Sustainability: Governance 27 Feb 2019 Sheraton Hotel, Petaling Jaya

Discover the solution to these compelling questions at the Sustainability : Governance Conference 2019 and realize the secrets towards creating long term value for your organisation.

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Introduction to Corporate Directorship 29 Jan 2019 Pullman Kuala Lumpur

The “Introduction to Corporate Directorship” is a foundation programme for aspiring, prospective and newly appointed directors. It is the first programme in the Directors’ Continuous Professional Development (DCPD) on improving the standards of governance in public listed companies. It is essential for the directors to understand the principles and elements of good corporate governance, the fiduciary duties and liabilities as expected under the law and what it takes to be effective within today’s business environment

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PowerTalk #2: Would A Business Judgment Rule Help Directors Sleep Better at Night? 17 Dec 2018 Majestic 1, Level 3, Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Business is about taking risks for rewards. Increasingly, companies are facing technological, reputational, regulatory and environmental challenges which directors are required to factor into their decisions. At times, even the best laid plans would fail. There is a new level of anxiety over legal liability in corporate boardrooms leading to increasing concern amongst directors. This session on the Business Judgment Rule discusses the protection conferred to directors who take reasonable amounts of risk consistent with the standard of care expected of them. With this in mind, calculated risks which will in turn lead to greater innovation, dynamism and constant change amongst businesses...

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PowerTalk #1: Effective Boards in a VUCA World (Past event) 31 Oct 2018 Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur

The modern environment for almost any organisation, is increasingly volatile and fraught with complex and demanding challenges. The ways in which these challenges are addressed by boards often have far ranging, even unforeseen, consequences for their organisations. Organisations are increasingly being scrutinised (and judged) by a wide range of external stakeholders. How boards determine not just the direction, strategies and goals of their organisations but how they set their ethos and manage their impact, is becoming critically important, not just to their reputation but to overall performance and even their existence.

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