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Survive or Thrive? Build your own COVID-19 response.

The COVID-19 crisis is reshaping our work, strategy and priorities. We don’t know how long this pandemic will last – but the only certainty is that business must go on, not quite as usual. The extent of this crisis has put present business paradigms out of the window.

Most companies are adopting a leaner approach during this crisis, but in unprecedented times like now, businesses need stability and a resilient leadership to survive the economic impact of this pandemic. If leaders lack the necessary skills to drive forward, they will not be able to steer their team in formulating the right response. As companies pull together their board leadership and executive teams for crisis planning, evaluating scenarios and making crucial decisions on what should continue or stop with careful considerations of their stakeholders, support from an experienced subject matter expert may help companies attain better clarity in coming to the right decision and take timely action.

Remote advice and coaching may be the next norm – it may even become a necessity. Technology has made this concept feasible, simple and affordable. By asking powerful and thought-provoking questions, a coach/expert can help identify innovative solutions, draw on strengths and improve weaknesses and empower the leadership to implement practical and strategic pivots to shield their business and come out stronger post-crisis. Instead of a ‘one and done’ intervention, this approach will provide a company/leader access to ongoing support and guidance as they power through complex times and challenging situations.

Now is not the time to navigate these challenges alone. Be the first mover.

What is Ask An Expert?

On demand hourly sessions by ICDM’s group of subject matter experts - to support companies in navigating through change, disruption, risks, challenges and uncertainties within their business and economic environment by providing strategic advice and guidance to actionable plans, especially during the recovery and rebuilding phase post pandemic. Read FAQ here.

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Ask an Expert: On Demand Virtual Advice & Coaching

Packages: 1, 3 or 5 Hours

  • Access to expert advice – range of local and international experts
  • Individualised feedback and business advisory
  • Interactive and open discussion with the team to brainstorm options/solutions
  • Personalised attention & confidential conversations
  • Support & assistance to guide you through the current complexities

Target Audience

  • Boards
  • CEOs & Senior Management
  • Companies


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60 minutes, either one-on-one or with the board & executive team of a particular company. Prepaid sessions are available at 1,3 & 5 package rates and can be utilised for one particular expert or a combination of multiple experts. Alternatively, you can add on additional hours, as and when required.

You can contact our Advisory Team for any questions you may have, or simply book a 15-minute Free Expert Discovery online session with belinda.chee@icdm.com.my and we will be happy to provide support and advice to the areas of expertise you/your business will require.

As this is an On Demand Virtual Advice & Coaching, individuals/companies can schedule the 60-minute session once a week, every fortnight or month, depending on their needs and also subject to the availability of the experts.

For now, all sessions will be conducted online – through either our Zoom or Webex meeting platform. Secured access will only be provided to the registered individuals or representatives of the company.

In a typical 60-minute session, the ‘Expert’ (Facilitator) will invite the individual/company to speak briefly on the issue and this will be followed through by some questions by the facilitator. The facilitator will then provide some insights and directions, offer valuable tips, share useful resources, give guidance with technical aspects or facilitate a better understanding of the issue/problem that can lead to some recommendation of actionable plans and alternative solutions. The nature of the advisory will be dependent on each client and their unique situation.

Individuals/Companies will be required to send in their questions with sufficient background information, outline of the current situation and description of the issues/challenges they are facing. This should be submitted at least 7 days in advance to allow the subject matter experts ample time to review the scenario and prepare for the advisory session.

Ideally, the issue/problem is provided to the expert before the session, He/she will be able to facilitate and guide discussions with the individual/company, address the concerns and facilitate possible next action steps and solutions to these issues. The guided conversations will help the individual/company get better clarity and insights of their situation and bring in wider perspectives that will in turn generate multiple options for consideration.

For the one-on-ones, the session will seek to build greater leadership confidence, foster an innovative and change mindset to tackle the uncertain and unpredictable and maintain a strong mental health when making tough and excruciating choices.

If facilitated within the leadership team environment, the session can also be used to optimise team engagement and resilience through open deliberations on various scenario planning and assessment on what is mission-critical, prompting the necessary re-evaluation of strategies and plans, in light of the current context.

Each session can be used to address different issues/problems, or could also be structured as a follow-up from the previous session to monitor and review progress and movements on the strategic plans and roadmap set, especially in addressing any matters of concerns that has occurred during the implementation phase.

ICDM will sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with each Ask an Expert subscriber to ensure that the discussion content be kept confidential.



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