International Directors Summit 2022

The B-Factor: [Bold + Brave] Boards



9.00 - 9.10 AM

Welcome Remarks by Tan Sri Zarinah Anwar, Chairman of ICDM

9.10 - 9.25 AM

Opening Remarks by Dato’ Seri Dr. Awang Adek Hussin, Executive Chairman of Securities Commission Malaysia 

9.25 – 10.25 AM

Setting the Scene

The Five ESGT Megatrends into 2023

The 21st Century -so far- has been a century of continuous risk and crisis with numerous environmental, social, governance and technological (ESGT) shocks to the global system. What are the ESGT megatrends that should be top of mind for all leaders—whether in business, non-profits, or government, as they lead and participate in strategic and tactical risk and opportunity planning and implementation before it creates an even deeper economic impact? How can you (yes, YOU) get out of your comfort zones and understand these new dynamics so that you can help steer your respective organisations, communities and nations in the right and most beneficial direction? What are the new leadership blueprints needed for the [bold + brave] boards?



Dr. Andrea Bonime-Blanc, Founder & CEO of GEC Risk Advisory, a global governance, ESG and cyber-strategist, a sought-after global keynote speaker, visiting professor at several international universities, board director, member of the Council on Foreign Relations and author of Gloom to Boom: How Leaders Transform Risk into Resilience and Value (Routledge 2020) and The ESGT Megatrends Manual 2022-2023 (Diplomatic Courier 2022).

10.25 – 11.25 AM

[Bold + Brave] Keynote #1

The Metaverse, The Next Universe

Over the next few years, we will see a rapid convergence between the digital and real world driven by increasingly sophisticated devices, decentralized blockchain technologies and AI platforms capable of generating persistent, immersive and collaborative experiences indistinguishable from reality. Demystify the core Metaverse technologies and concepts like NFTs, DAOs, DeFi, XR, DeSO, GameFi and Web3. Get insights into what it will take to pioneer Metaverse applications, experiment with new ways of working, and attract and develop the right kind of talent to help you achieve your goals.

The time for action is now. Every organization and industry will be impacted by the next iteration of the Web and its radical interfaces, infrastructure, and investment models. The question for leaders is no longer what is the Metaverse, but rather – what is our plan for it?


Mike Walsh, The Futurist for Leaders, CEO of Tomorrow, a global consultancy on designing companies for the 21st century, professional keynote speakers and author of The Algorithmic Leader, The Dictionary of Dangerous Ideas and Futuretainment. A prolific writer and commentator, Mike’s views have appeared in a wide range of international publications including Inc. Magazine, BusinessWeek, Forbes, the Wall Street Journal and the Harvard Business Review. Mike also interviews provocative thinkers, innovators and troublemakers on his podcast, Between Worlds.

11.25 – 11.30 AM


11.30 AM – 12.30 PM

[Bold + Brave] Dialogue #1

ASEAN Boards – Are You Ready for a More Intense & Borderless World?

In many countries, the lingering effects of the pandemic, increased economic protectionism and new labour market dynamics are resulting in higher barriers to entry for businesses. Restoring trust and fostering cooperation within and between countries will be crucial in addressing these challenges and preventing the world from drifting further apart. What is the business outlook for the ASEAN region in the short to medium-term? How do the supply chain disruptions across the globe impact or benefit ASEAN businesses? What are the foreseeable M&A activities, partnerships, collaborations and diversification trends? What policies or conditions are needed to boost the economy? What can business leaders do to take the lead? How will board talent movements impact the long-term sustainable growth in the region?

Panellists: Business Captains from ASEAN countries

Moderator: Dato’ Seri Johan Raslan, ICDM Board Member

12.30 – 1.30 PM

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8.30 - 9.00 AM

Coffee Chat

A quick networking meet for like-minded individuals to gather for sharing insights, connecting and exploring new collaboration opportunities. Each breakout group will be led by a specialist facilitator who will share perspectives on emerging trends and global reflections in their respective areas. Available topical groups:

Sustainability, ESG & Climate Emergency  |  Digital Economy  |  Innovation & Transformation Stakeholder Communication  |  Zero Trust Security  | Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

9.00 - 10.00 AM

[Bold + Brave] Dialogue #2

Bad Blood: The Theranos Exposé

The Theranos scandal has dominated headlines, and in equal measure fascinated and appalled readers worldwide since John Carreyrou’s shattering report first broke in 2015.  Theranos Inc., a consumer healthcare technology start-up, was once valued at over USD9 billion, and its leadership claimed it would revolutionise the blood-testing industry. On Jan. 3, 2022, Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes was found guilty of four out of 11 fraud charges and is scheduled to be sentenced on 17 October 2022.

In this session, we will discuss the ethical lapses, the credulous media coverage, and the lax oversight that allowed the Theranos “unicorn” to rise and crumble, and share lessons companies, journalists, and business leaders can learn from its fall. Most importantly, how could all these have been avoided?


John Carreyrou, Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist and author of the New York Times bestseller Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup. He was the first to break the scandal surrounding the failed biomedical start-up Theranos and the disturbing lies of its wunderkind founder, Stanford-dropout Elizabeth Holmes, in his reporting for The Wall Street Journal.


Diana Wu David, an international speaker and writer, a former Financial Times executive and founder of the Financial Times Non-Executive Directors Diploma in Asia, an ICDM Faculty member and an Adjunct Lecturer at Hong Kong University Business School and her alma mater, Columbia Business School.

10.00 – 10.05 AM


10.05 – 10.45 AM

[Bold + Brave] Masterclass #1

Unleashing the Innovation Mojo that Works!

The environment and customers’ needs are constantly changing, requiring businesses to continually innovate to improve, solve problems, and create new values for their customers. But sometimes, great ideas are hard to come by, even in a company filled with bright and motivated employees. Risk aversion, fear of criticism, and lengthy approval processes are common barriers to innovation. Failing to innovate in the business world can leave you limping behind soaring competitors. This session will take leaders through a pathway where ideas thrive to achieve innovation breakthroughs.


Aireen Omar, President (Ventures) of Capital A & Chief Executive Officer of AirAsia Academy

[Bold + Brave] Masterclass #2

Building Resiliency at the Core – Talent & Culture

Connection is at the heart of team resilience, and leaders are responsible for nurturing relationships within teams. This will define the team’s ability to effectively undergo tough times together. With more employees working autonomously in the new norm, how do leaders build resilient and high-functioning teams in the new landscape? How do leaders identify a resilient team’s core qualities and values with a strong focus despite change or adversity? It is not just about bouncing back from a crisis but also moving forward. More so, what are the crucial roles of boards and what more can be done in building a resilient culture, talent building, and retention?

10.45 – 10.50 AM


10.50 – 11.30 AM

[Bold + Brave] Masterclass #3

Avoiding Ethical Misstep in the Digital & AI World

Cutting-edge technology is necessary for today’s business environment, especially in seeking breakthrough innovations. However, this comes with a heavy price if the digital and AI strategy and applications are not built appropriately with proper governance and careful supervision. How can we avoid ethical missteps in this race to attain the business edge through utilisation of digital and AI technologies? How can we manage risks such as cyber-attacks and data security from the start? This is a modern boardroom issue that must be prioritised, not ignored. Learn how to ask the right questions.


Azhar Azib, Founder and Principal of rawonionDecisions

[Bold + Brave] Masterclass #4

The Domino Effect of Supply Chain Disruption

Supply chain management must be viewed from a  risk viewpoint. The pandemic has exposed how fragile and critical one’s supply chain strategy and management can be. Studies have estimated that up to 90% of a company’s sustainability impact originates in its own supply chain. A just-in-time inventory system or supply chain concept may have caused disruptions in operations without a practical plan B of supplies (or even logistics!). Given the benefits to gain and the risks involved, what more can companies do to future-proof  their supply chain? What are the key trends of supply chain sustainability moving forward?

11.30 – 11.35 AM


11.35 AM – 12.35 PM

[Bold + Brave] Keynote #2

Your Next Strategic Advantage — Organisational Intelligence & Innovation

In the race to create world-class products and services to meet the challenges of a renewed era of global competition as well as co-creation, what makes a leader successful at creating change in large, complex organisations? What are the key drivers of pragmatic (and profitable) innovation and change? The central dilemma for corporate leaders has always been that you are one person who needs to motivate an organisation of thousands or hundreds of thousands to embrace and implement the strategies that you are leading. The qualities that help managers rise in the organisation — emotional intelligence (EQ), high IQ, and deep business knowledge (BQ), and so forth may help them get to the top, but often they aren’t successful once they get there. Discover the essence of Organisational Intelligence (OQ) — gather the know how to get a large organisation to do what you want. Discover how you can lead transformation or innovation in your organisation.



George S. Yip, Emeritus Professor of Marketing and Strategy, former professor at many other top business schools around the world, and former VP in top consulting firms. A Thinkers50 Hall of Fame and author/co-author of Pioneers, Hidden Champions, Change Makers and Underdogs: Lessons from China’s Innovators (2019), China’s Next Strategic Advantage: From Imitation to Innovation (2016), Asian Advantage (2000), and many more.

12.35 – 1.30 PM

Virtual Networking & Tour of IDS Booths


8.30 - 9.00 AM

Coffee Chat

A quick networking meet for like-minded individuals to gather for sharing insights, connecting and exploring new collaboration opportunities. Each breakout group will be led by a specialist facilitator who will share perspectives on emerging trends and global reflections in their respective areas. Available interest groups:

Audit Committee    |    Nomination & Remuneration Committee    |   Risk Committee    |    Sustainability Committee  |   New & Aspiring Directors   | Company Secretary   

9.00 - 9.45 AM

[Bold + Brave] Keynote #3

Get Inspired by a Truly Inspiring Leader

Uncover the secrets to success from a truly inspired leader. What are the sacrifices, bold and brave steps taken in realising a dream that once was deemed too far and impossible? What can you learn from past experiences and future aspirations of a true leader, and use this a guiding compass to your own board journey?

9.45 – 9.50 AM


9.50 – 10.30 AM

[Bold + Brave] Masterclass #5

Race to Net Zero: Climate Risk, Stranded Assets, Stranded Humans

The race toward a net-zero economy by 2050 will undeniably benefit our planet, but it also poses issues of stranded asset and human capital, and may well cause economic instability if not these carbon-dependent investments are terminated prematurely without proper exit strategies. Countries that are slow to decarbonise will suffer but early movers will profit. Oil or coal reserves will be left unburnable, machineries and vehicles will be stranded and no longer produce value for its owners. Current human capital may become unfit for new green ventures creating labour shortages and unemployment. How will all these impact the credit risk assessment and the sustainability of businesses? What strategies can be taken to manage the consequences of stranded assets? We need to act fast but is there an economical and ethical middle path in tackling climate risks?

[Bold + Brave] Masterclass #6

Mastering the Art of Board Leadership

Becoming the Chair of a Board is often the pinnacle of a brilliant career. Yet many Chairs never fulfil their true potential; they fail to capitalise on this tremendous opportunity.  That’s a shame – not only for these leaders personally, but for the companies they govern and the boards they lead. Board Leadership is an art – and it can be learned. This Masterclass will focus on three essential areas required to master it, based on the facilitator’s experience working with nearly 200 boards and their leaders from around the world over the past 25 years. While some of this advice will undoubtedly be familiar, she will also introduce practical ideas and tools you may never have considered or heard of up to now, all of which have been successfully used by other Board Chairs who aimed to become the very best in the boardroom.


Beverly Behan, Best-selling author, keynote speaker on board effectiveness issues, President of Board Advisor LLC, US.


Ahila Ganesan, Founder of Future LinQ, Senior Director in Think City, a wholly owned subsidiary of Khazanah Nasional Berhad, board director of a PLC and a private

10.30 – 10.35 AM


10.35 – 11.15 AM

[Bold + Brave] Masterclass #7

Communications in Times of Crisis – The Dos & Don’ts

Being crisis ready and being ready to face the crisis when it happens may require different sets of skills. The dynamics between the board and management is crucial as is the level of trust and support. Learn first-hand from the experience of a chairman and CEO on how to prepare for an unpredictable environmental incident which invites external scrutiny, negatively impacts the business relationships and reputation with its stakeholders, investors, employees, and the community. Speed is everything – take control of your narrative from the start. The board’s role is crucial to lessen the pressure and ensure the entire organisation moves in the right direction, take bold and brave actions, speak the same language, and do what is right and needed.


Datin Seri Sunita Mei-Lin Rajakumar, Chairman

Ramjeet Kaur, Managing Director
Dutch Lady Milk Industries Berhad

[Bold + Brave] Masterclass #8

Is Now a Good Time for Expansion and M&A?

Growth opportunities through mergers and acquisitions (M&A) may require fresh strategy, especially with the shift in customer behaviours and expectations, and changing business landscape caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Businesses are exploring M&A to restrategise, strengthen their talent pool, innovate their products, services, operations, as well as supply chains. While M&A bags many benefits, there are challenges that leaders should be mindful of. Understand the complexities of cross-border M&A. What is the market outlook in the near to medium term for M&A? What factors to consider (and prepare!) before making your moves – be it to merge, acquire, or sell? More importantly, does an M&A make sense for your organisation in the current environment?


Dato’ Fad’l Mohamed, CEO of Maybank Investment Bank


Pankajkumar Bipinchandra, Managing Director of Datametrics Research and Information Centre Sdn. Bhd. (DARE), columnist in StarBiz, board director of a PLC and a public company

11.15 – 11.20 AM


11.20 AM – 12.00 PM

Special Highlight #1

Linking ESG to Board Remuneration

Companies who are successfully embedding ESG priorities are not really doing so solely out of the goodness of their hearts. For change to be truly meaningful and long-lasting, progressive companies are focussing on the tangible financial and non-financial benefits of a coherent ESG strategy – and linking ESG metrics to board remuneration may be one of the ways to effect change sustainably. But how can companies do this? What factors needed to be taken into consideration? What are the appropriate metrics and incentives that can be introduced?


Shai Ganu, Managing Director, Global Leader – Executive Compensation & Board Advisory, WTW

12.00 – 1.00 PM

Special Highlight #2

Launch of the Legal Opinion on Directors’ Duties & Disclosure Obligations Under the Malaysian Law in The Context of Climate Risks & Considerations

A new legal opinion by Tan Sri Zarinah Anwar, Chairman of the Institute of Corporate Directors Malaysia, and To’ Puan Janet Looi, Senior Partner at Skrine, has shown that fundamentally, directors are legally required to incorporate climate change considerations into their decision-making process. Commissioned by the Commonwealth Climate and Law Initiative (CCLI) (a UK-based non-profit organisation which examines the legal basis for directors and trustees to consider, manage, and report on climate change and broader environmental risks, opportunities and impacts), the legal opinion shows that failure to incorporate climate change is a violation of Malaysian directors’ fiduciary duty, and their duty of due care, skill and diligence.

In this session, the authors of the legal opinion will summarise its key findings, with international context provided by the CCLI. This will be followed by a panel discussion on the findings and what they mean for company directors.


Tan Sri Zarinah Anwar, Chairman of Institute of Corporate Directors Malaysia (ICDM)

To’ Puan Janet Looi, Senior Partner at law firm Skrine

Ellie Mulholland, Executive Director of the Commonwealth Climate and Law Initiative


Yew Yee Tee, Executive Director and General Counsel at the Securities Commission Malaysia

Dato’ Amirul Feisal Wan Zahir, Managing Director of Khazanah Nasional Berhad

Dr. Michael Nates, CEnv, FIEMA, FIRSM, Director and Founder of Multiverse Consultants, United Kingdom


Philip See, BFM Presenter, CEO of Firefly Sdn Bhd and Chief Sustainability Officer of Malaysia Aviation Group

1.00 – 1.10 PM

Closing Remarks by Michele Kythe Lim, President & CEO of ICDM

1.10 – 2.00 PM

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5.00 - 5.05 PM

Welcome Address by Tan Sri Zarinah Anwar, Chairman of ICDM

5.05 – 7.00 PM

Expand Your Horizon & Network

Catch-up with old friends. Connect and engage with industry experts and business captains. Expand your network, explore new ideas and collaboration opportunities over light live music and canapés.

7.00 PM

Closing & end

ICDM reserves the right to alter the content and timing of the programme in the best interest of the event and is not responsible for cancellations due to unforeseen circumstances.

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