Individual Membership Categories & Benefits

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ICDM Lifetime Membership
  1. Retain voting rights1 during the ICDM Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  2. Not subject to renewal requirements3.
Ordinary Member   Fellow
i New Application   i New Application
Currently serving or have served within 24 months on the board of either one of the selected company types² (Malaysia and/or abroad)    
At least ten (10) years of cumulative board experience with unrelated selected company types2 (Malaysia and/or abroad)
Joining fee: RM500    
Joining fee: RM500
One-time Lifetime member fee: RM5,000    
One-time Lifetime member fee: RM5,000
ii Renewing Member   ii Renewing Member
Holds an active ICDM Ordinary Member membership    
Holds an active ICDM Fellow Member membership
One-time Lifetime member fee: RM5,000    
One-time Lifetime member fee: RM5,000



  • Sixty (60) years old or above during the time of application.


All membership applications and renewals (including lifetime membership) are subjected to the documents and checks below:


Membership Benefits

Insightful knowledge, practical skills and paradigm shifts await you.

No Benefits Affiliate Member Fellow Honorary Fellow


Usage of Post Nominal After Full Name



Welcome Pack


Listing on ICDM Website Members Directory


Eligible to be on ICDM Directors Registry and apply for directorship opportunity



Free Access to PowerTalk

2 times a year

4 times a year

4 times a year

4 times a year


Role-based dialogue & networking sessions


Access to Resource Centre


Member’s Rate to ICDM Programmes and Events

10% off

10% off

10% off

10% off


Free Usage of ICDM Directors’ Lounge and Facilities


Enjoy Special Privileges from ICDM Partners


Membership Fees

Individual Category

First Year



Joining Fee

Annual Fee


1-Year Plan

3-Year Plan (15% off annual fee)

5-Year Plan (20% off annual fee)

Affiliate (Student)

Not Applicable




Not Applicable

Not Applicable







(15% savings = RM135)

(20% savings = RM300)






(15% savings = RM225)

(20% savings = RM500)






(15% savings = RM360)

(20% savings = RM800)

Note: All fees are subject to applicable taxes. The special discount for the 3-year and 5-year Renewal Plan is only applicable for payment made 1 month prior to expiry and may not be used with any other promotion.

ICDM Global Affiliate Members Scheme

The application for admission under the Global Affiliate Members Scheme may be made by individuals who meet the following criteria:

  1. currently not residing in Malaysia; and
  2. is a member of any Directors Institutes around the world with a reciprocal membership arrangement with ICDM.

Eligible applicants can join ICDM as an Ordinary Member or Affiliate under the Global Affiliate Scheme.

Benefits of ICDM Global Affiliate Members Scheme:

  • Waiver of a membership joining fee
  • Membership fee of USD 100 per year (payable for a minimum of three years).
  • Discounted member rates for ICDM’s events, activities, publications, and courses.
  • Online access to members-only resources including all its publications.
  • Invites to exclusive members-only events.
  • Usage of ICDM Members Lounge in ICDM’s office (Kuala Lumpur).
  • Directorship opportunities.

Members who are not in Malaysia would be able to benefit from selected ICDM’s public programmes and events that are held virtually.

If you wish to apply for this category of membership, please contact ICDM at +603 2202 2022 or


Renew your membership to take advantage of membership benefits, demonstrate your commitment to good corporate governance, enable greater board diversity, and continue to strengthen board effectiveness.

Kindly access to your ICDM Portal account and select your renewal option from the membership section. Special discounted fees are available for longer renewal options. Payment is available through online transfer or credit/debit card facility.

Renewal Criteria:

  • Attend at least two (2) PowerTalks/ICDM Programmes* or external programmes related to Corporate Governance or Directorship Development annually.

*To check on your attendance record, please login to your account in the portal. Need one (1) more programme to meet the renewal requirement? Check out our latest programmes to sign up.

Kindly note that if your membership is not renewed prior to your membership expiry date, you will not be able to enjoy your membership benefits once expired. If renewal does not take place within 6 months from the date of expiry, you will be required to submit a fresh membership application and be subject to the membership approval process again.

If you meet the admission criteria of the higher membership category and wish to upgrade, kindly email to with your request to do so.

Flaunt Your Membership Hallmark

Membership Category Post-Nominal
Affiliate Not Applicable
Member ICDM
Fellow ICDM(F)
Honorary Fellow ICDM(HF)
Corporate Not Applicable


You may showcase your post nominal on:

  • Your business card and email sign off
  • Online profile and resume
  • Speaking engagements
  • Company's annual reports
  • Company website


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