Director Competency Framework & Effective Boards

Effective directors are the foundation of an effective board. The ICDM Director Competency Framework promotes effective knowledge, skills and mindset required by Directors to perform to a consistently high standards of professional competence in upholding good corporate governance practices. 

The framework prescribes the required competencies of a director into 4 quadrants: 1) the capacity of an individual director, 2) individual director with the board, 3) the organisation and 4) the stakeholders.

Each competency has clear standards with prescribed programmes to help directors to perform effectively as an individual as well as collectively as a board irrespective of industry.



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Keep It Fresh

Even the most seasoned directors will need to enhance their knowledge and skills on various topics related to the ever-changing business and economic landscape in and out of Malaysia. It is vital to have an open mind to update your knowledge at the foundation and core levels where it directly affects your personal liability.

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