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The performance of the board lies within its members and it takes a collective effort to provide strong oversight and strategic support for the management. Therefore, it is crucial to pay attention to board dynamics and ensure each director possesses the right attributes and competencies to contribute to the overall effectiveness of the board. 

As part of our effort to help strengthen your effectiveness, ICDM is delighted to work with Omni View Consulting (M) Sdn. Bhd, to offer you exclusive access to the award-winning talent profiling tool – Harrison Assessments. 

The tool is designed to measure engagement, motivation and interpersonal skills for various roles, including board directors. The outcomes of the assessment help provide an in-depth understanding of the behavioural traits and working styles of each board director. It enables effective predictions of one’s success in a board role. The assessment outcomes also provide a strong foundation to strengthen an individual and the collective board leadership development plans, which can be leveraged to drive effective stewardship. 

Complimentary Paradox Graph Report & Group Debrief Webinar

The Paradox Graph is a unique report within the full set of the Harrison Assessments report that provides deep insight into your behavioural patterns and responses to stress. This report is based on Dr Dan Harrison’s revolutionary Paradox Theory. It is the only tool that can effectively demonstrate dynamic human behavioural responses to stress and is unrivalled in its ability to assist an individual in increasing his or her self-awareness and Emotional Intelligence. Besides offering a window into aspects of ourselves, of which we may be only partially aware, it provides a guideline for balancing and developing ourselves. Upon completing the assessment, you are encouraged to join the Group Debrief Webinar to know how to read and appreciate your report.

Should you require any further clarification before you proceed with this assessment, please feel free to contact


LEGAL DISCLAIMER: The Harrison Assessments for Board Exercise (“Service”) is being provided by Omni View Consulting (M) Sdn Bhd (“Omni View”), and is subject to such terms and conditions to be agreed between you and Omni View. ICDM is not privy to any contractual relationship between you and Omni View, and Omni View is not offering this service as ICDM’s agent. ICDM does not assume any liability for any actual or purported breach of Omni View’s contractual or regulatory obligations (including the processing of any personal data provided by you to Omni View) in providing the Service to you. ICDM makes no warranty in relation to the Services or any part of it, including any assessment outcomes or report generated by Omni View. You agree that ICDM shall not be liable for any costs, loss or damage of any kind arising from, or as a consequence of, your participation in the Services or reliance on any assessment outcomes or report generated by Omni View. You are required to read all terms and conditions carefully before participating in the Services.

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