In compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (“PDPA”), the Institute of Corporate Directors Malaysia (ICDM) (referred hereinafter to as “ICDM”, “our”, “us” or “we”) wishes to inform all of our members, customers and users that we obtain and maintain certain personal information about you as part of our records in order to deliver our work and services accordingly.
The personal information processed includes all information obtained from or submitted using printed ICDM forms, the ICDM Website, the ICDM Portal and any other forms which may be used to collect your personal information from time to time.
  1. Purpose of Collecting Your Data
    1. To process your registration for our programmes and events; monitor and update your attendance; communicate any changes/ updates related to registered programmes and events;
    2. To process your membership application, upkeep your membership records and provide ICDM membership benefits be it offered by ICDM or that of our strategic partners;
    3. To enable you to produce a professional looking CV-like profile that reflects your membership status and the courses you have attended;
    4. To facilitate searching and matching of suitable candidates for board positions;
    5. To facilitate research work undertaken by ICDM and its partners;
    6. To communicate important information and updates relating to membership, programmes and customers (be it from ICDM or that of our strategic partners) via emails, phone and any other means;
    7. To send ICDM magazine and other periodicals from time to time;
    8. To process for such purposes set out in ICDM’s Constitution, ICDM’s Website and Portal Terms of Use, ICDM’s Code of Conduct and ICDM’s By-Laws;
    9. To respond to enquiries made via call, email, fax and any other available communication method;
    10. For all other purposes incidental and associated with any of the above.
  2. Categories of Personal Information that We Collect
    1. ICDM will process and we may collect the following personal information:
      1. Name, IC and/or passport number;
      2. Contact details including address, phone number, mobile number and email address;
      3. Education and Professional Qualification;
      4. Board Experience;
      5. Executive Work Experience;
      6. Any other data provided by you to us or as required for the purposes as set out above.
  3. Disclosure of Your Personal Information
    Your personal information may be disclosed to the following parties for the purposes set out below:
    1. Persons/organisations who are seeking suitable candidates for directorship;
    2. Persons/organisations requesting for such information under any law or order of court;
    3. Government, government agencies, statutory or public authorities, enforcement agencies authorised by law;
    4. Auditors, accountants, lawyers or other professionals or consultants of ICDM;
    5. Contractors, sub-contractors of ICDM;
    6. Third party service /product providers that are deemed necessary or appropriate for the purposes stated above (including those located out of Malaysia, under conditions of confidentiality and similar levels of security);
    7. Third parties involved in any corporate exercise or transactions relating to ICDM e.g. sale and purchase of assets, reorganisation or amalgamation or collaboration.
    8. Persons under a duty of confidentiality to ICDM.
  4. Non-Provision of Personal Information
    The personal information requested is mandatory and any failure to supply us with the required personal information may potentially:
    1. Result in us being unable to enter into a service contract or agreement [or to carry out any of the services or matters as provided in Paragraph 1 of this Privacy Policy] with you;
    2. Result in us being unable to communicate notices, value added services and updates to you;
    3. Affect our capacity to accomplish the above stated purposes.
  5. Data Security
    We shall take necessary steps to store and process your personal information securely. We will undertake the following security steps:
    1. Implementation of a formal information security policy and necessary technology controls such as firewall, password controls, physical security, logging and monitoring etc;
    2. Process controls such as segregation of duties, defined roles and responsibilities and “need-to– know” disclosure policies for staff;
    3. Third party providers and contractors storing or processing personal information have implemented similar acceptable standards of security.
  6. Retention of Personal Information
    Your personal information will be stored for only the period as necessary to fulfill the purposes stated above after which we will ensure that your personal information is destroyed, anonymised or permanently deleted if it is no longer necessary to store. Reasons to further store your personal information even after the fulfillment of the purposes include:
    1. to satisfy legal, regulatory or accounting requirements;
    2. to protect the interest of ICDM (including keeping such records to respond to any claims or in anticipation of any litigation).
  7. Rights of Access and Correction
    The PDPA allows you the right to access or correct the personal information you have submitted. You may at any time update or amend the information processed by us by:
    1. Log-in to your ICDM Portal (which is a part of ICDM’s integrated web-based platform, owned and managed by ICDM) account and update/ correct your personal information directly;
    2. Requesting for copies of the personal information from us;
    3. Requesting that we correct any of your inaccurate, obsolete, incomplete or misleading personal information.
    In accordance with the PDPA, and to the extent not limited by any other applicable law, ICDM may:
    (1) charge an administration fee for processing your request for access or correction to the personal information (except for direct access and update via ICDM portal), in compliance with the prescribed fees stated in the PDPA or its subsidiary legislation; and
    (2) refuse to comply with your request for access or correction to the personal information as provided under the PDPA and provide you with written reasons for such an action.
  8. Transfer Of Your Personal Information Outside Malaysia
    It may be necessary for us to transfer your personal information outside Malaysia if any of the third parties mentioned in paragraph 3 including our service providers or strategic partners who are involved in providing any services to ICDM are located in countries outside Malaysia. You consent to us transferring your personal information outside Malaysia to such third parties and for the purposes set out in paragraph 1 including where it is necessary to fulfil the execution of the service/products that you have signed up for (e.g. accommodation for overseas programme).
    We shall take necessary steps to ensure that any such third parties are contractually bound not to use your personal information for any reason other than to provide the products and/or services they are contracted by us, and to safeguard your personal information.
  9. Your Options and How To Contact Us
    You may at any time make a request in writing to limit the processing and use of your personal information, including to prevent usage of your personal information for the purposes of direct marketing.
    If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or wish to make a request or exercise any of your rights as set out above, please contact us by sending an email to our Corporate Communications Division at or call us at +60-3-2276 3440 or write to us by addressing your correspondence to:
    Institute of Corporate Directors Malaysia (ICDM)
    Corporate Communication Division
    Suite 2A-2-1, Block 2A, Plaza Sentral
    Jalan Stesen Sentral 5 , KL Sentral
    50470 Kuala Lumpur
    Attention: Corporate Communications Manager

    For as long as you remain ICDM member and customer, your personal information will remain with ICDM and we will take reasonable steps to protect the personal information from any unauthorised access.
    ICDM reserves the right to amend this Privacy Policy from time to time. The updated Privacy Policy will be posted on our website (
  10. Acknowledgement of this Privacy Notice and Consent
    We trust that you are agreeable and consent to the continued usage and processing of your personal information based on the terms abovementioned. If you do not consent to the usage and processing of your personal information, please notify us with a letter of disagreement to the stated contact details as per paragraph 9 above, failing which we shall assume that you have no objections to the same.

  11. This Privacy Policy was last updated on [23 August 2018].

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