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A technology solution for the ‘new normal’ - powered by V-cube Malaysia

Engagement with your stakeholders is of strategic importance and the Annual General Meeting (AGM) provides an ideal platform to communicate effectively on the company’s past achievements and the plans moving forward. In many instances, AGMs have become the sole avenue for stakeholders to engage the company’s leadership in order to gain insights on the business activities, performance and financial position.

Today, COVID-19 has disrupted stakeholder engagement activities like never before.  With every country imposing various forms of movement restrictions, almost all engagement activities are now conducted virtually. The lockdown measures are presenting unprecedented challenges and uncertainties for companies and this has impacted how traditional AGMs are organised.

Regulators have been encouraging listed companies to adopt fully virtual or hybrid AGM, some time ago but it is only now that the concept is gaining traction in many parts of the world. In Malaysia, the Securities Commission’s (SC) recent issuance of a guidance note for public listed companies (PLC) on the conduct of fully virtual general meetings during the Movement Control Order (MCO) period is seen as a good and timely one.

As we transition to a low touch economy, a Virtual AGM will allow your annual shareholders’ meeting to take place exclusively online, made possible even during the current pandemic period. Beyond the live webcast, the experience for shareholders is designed to be as close to a physical AGM as possible. Q&A, polling and other interactions with shareholders are conducted remotely and securely.

Nonetheless, whilst the technology is available, many companies have found affordability to be an issue.

Deploying a Virtual AGM, be it full or hybrid, further showcases the company’s preparedness in embracing technology especially during a period where social distancing will stay for a while.  

ICDM is delighted to bring to you an integrated approach to a fully virtual or hybrid AGM, powered by V-cube. The collaboration offers an affordable one-stop solution that will provide good shareholder experience and stress-free governance advisory services with the following:

A. Technology Platform:

·        Secure Virtual AGM platform

·        Secure E-voting platform and results 

·        Poll Administrator  

·        Secure Live streaming (3 hours)

·        Camera crew plus VC Camera and Noise Canceller 

·        Recording and Voting Data management

·        Assistance and guidance onboarding

·        Tagged with V-cube Certificate of Process Compliance as per Securities Commission guideline


B. Optional add on:

·        Governance advisory services

·        Panel of scrutineers to choose from


Virtual AGMs are known to be cheaper than physical meetings and most definitely, a greener option. Ultimately, it is an option to be considered, even beyond the lockdown period.

Embark on your inaugural Virtual AGM today.

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LEGAL DISCLAIMER: The Virtual AGM solution (“Solution”) is being provided by V-cube Malaysia Sdn Bhd (an associate company of V-cube Inc. listed in Japan) and their partners (collectively “V-Cube”), and subject to such terms and conditions to be agreed between you and V-Cube. ICDM is not privy to any contractual relationship between you and V-Cube, and V-Cube is not offering this Solution as ICDM’s agent. ICDM does not assume any liability for any actual or purported breach of V-Cube’s contractual or regulatory obligations (including the processing of any personal data provided by you to V-Cube) in providing the Solution to you. ICDM makes no warranty in relation to the Solution or any part of it. You agree that ICDM shall not be liable for any costs, loss or damage of any kind arising from, or as a consequence of, your use of the Solution. You are required to read all terms and conditions carefully before using the Solution.

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