Director Sourcing

Effective board stewardship comprises diverse expertise, business experience, gender, ethnicity, age, geography and stewardship style that bring unique perspectives to the organisation’s long-term strategic goals.

Let ICDM Director Sourcing work with you in making strategic and competency-based nominations of new board members.

  • Search and match candidates against the required competency, expertise and experience with long term business strategy in mind;

  • Provide CVs of matched candidates for shortlisting;

  • ICDM to correspond with shortlisted candidates on their interests to pursue;

  • Set up interview sessions between client and candidates;

  • Offer will be made to the selected candidate;


ICDM Corporate Members will be able to enjoy discounted director sourcing service.

For more information on ICDM Director Sourcing, please contact the

Who Are The Candidates?

We maintain a Director Registry that comprises of ICDM Members. ICDM Members are committed to our Director Competency Framework, Director Development Pathway and ICDM Code of Conduct.

We also search through our network of partners and source to provide a wider pool of candidates from Malaysia as well as abroad depending on your needs.

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