Board & Directors Effectiveness Evaluation

Board building is an ongoing process. Periodical effectiveness assessment offers opportunity for continuous improvements. It helps to ensure that your board and directors are provided with the necessary insights and support to enhance the effectiveness of their oversight functions.

Discover how our comprehensive Board & Director Effectiveness Evaluation (BDEE) can support your organisation towards building a high performing and forward-looking board. Our structured, confidential face-to-face interviews and consultancy provides a strategic level of board assessment that will offer candid feedback, verified insights and objective assessment of the directors by not only their peers but from key management personnel as well. This 360-degree assessment methodology is intended to seek a balanced view of the Board’s performance – identifying positive aspects as well as areas for improvements.

Our BDEE methodology evokes a two-pronged approach:

  • Evaluation of the performance of the board to understand the current dynamics of the board and uncover gaps that are usually not prominent when evaluation is conducted internally; and

  • Evaluation of the performance of the individual directors and the overall board performance collectively. This is aimed at appraising the performance of individual directors while enhancing positive engagement among them to ensure an effective and agile Board.


Why do you need our BDEE services?

To Organisations:
  • Provides a balanced and independent assessment on the effectiveness of board oversight, board dynamics, business sustainability as well as company ethics and compliance culture;

  • Engages board members and senior management to align business goals;

  • Sets clear tone, guidelines and review process on how directors and board should be contributing;

  • Ensures key priorities are set on ‘line of sight’ — progressively tracked and measured;

  • Uncover gaps that are usually not prominent when evaluation is conducted internally.

To Board Members and Committees:
  • Enhance positive engagement among Board members and with the management on strategy;

  • Improves communication with company’s key stakeholders;

  • Develops more effective and agile directors;

  • Outlines priorities in building and sustaining high performance businesses; and

  • Provides unbiased insights on Board performance and leadership style.

To Individual Directors:
  • Provides constructive feedback on areas of improvement; and

  • Rewards positive contributions and raises overall morale.

To Chairman:
  • Provides unvarnished views of boardroom dynamics, strengths and weaknesses of each director for better stewardship.


The ICDM Board & Director Effectiveness Evaluation framework and methodology is in line with the Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance (MCCG) and are aligned to the corporate liability provisions under the MACC Act and other relevant laws and regulations.

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