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Every organisation is distinct in its nature of business and that is reflected in the role of the Board and Senior Management teams as well. Understanding that distinction, the ICDM Bespoke programmes have been crafted to be flexible, relevant and pragmatic to suit the unique nature of your organisation. Be it our venue, virtually or onsite at your preferred venue and time, the ICDM Bespoke programmes are specifically curated to serve your directors diverse needs.

8 trending knowledge development areas that boards should prioritise acquisition of in 2023

In 2023, ICDM aims to support the director development journey in 8 priority areas based on the 2022 Gartner Board of Directors Survey and topics of interest highlighted by our participants from our public programmes in the same year. These essential knowledge acquisition is specially curated with our faculties so you and your board can focus on building and accelerating your organisation’s sustainable growth.

  • Risk Management
  • Sustainability & ESG
  • Corporate Governance
  • Economics & Finance
  • Leadership
  • Digital Initiatives
  • Workforce
  • Climate Change
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Choose from our top 15 bespoke webinars and programmes below or request for a complimentary consultation to discuss your unique board leadership development needs


Top 15 Bespoke Webinars & Programmes
  • Board's At-A-Glance - Bursa Malaysia's Enhanced Sustainability Reporting Framework
  • Taking A Step Back and Re-evaluating Risks - A Board's Perspective
  • Sustainability & ESG Series: Transforming into an Innovative Culture
  • Climate Change & Carbon Footprint - Getting the Right Financial Risk & Reporting Perspectives
  • Supply Chain Sustainability - What's Your Next Move?
  • The Rise of ESG And Sustainability In The Boardroom
  • The Board & Sustainable Leadership For The Decade Of Action
  • Cybersecurity – A Boardroom Agenda
  • Introduction To Corporate Directorship
  • Financial Language In A Boardroom
  • Board Behavioural Dynamics
  • The Role of Board in Strategy & Risk Management Oversight
  • Stakeholder Voice in the Boardroom
  • Digital Disruptions – Winning Strategies for Legacy Companies
  • How to be an Effective NED in a Disruptive World

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