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We are able to customise a programme of any topic and deliver it in-house within your own boardroom or venues of your choice. Our Bespoke Programme draws upon our extensive range of programmes in accordance with our Director Competency Framework and Development Pathway to meet the development needs of your board as a whole. This focused approach ensures maximum relevancy and effectiveness as well as contributes to consistent performance when executing board functions and processes.

Customised Learning Solutions For Large Corporate Groups

For large corporations that consist of a diverse company structure such as holding company, public-listed subsidiaries and unlisted subsidiaries, training for directors is often done in an ad-hoc manner. We tailor sustainable structured learning solutions that meet the long-term strategic goals of the organisation with aligned corporate objectives.

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Choose from the top 15 bespoke webinars and programmes below or request for a complimentary consultation to discuss your unique board leadership development needs.





Top 15 Bespoke Webinars & Programmes for 2021

From digital leadership to board architecture and ESG, our programmes are globally-benchmarked to help directors lead confidently.

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Popular Topics
Corporate Governance and Effective Board
  • Corporate Governance and Effective Board
  • Great Companies Deserve Great Boards
  • Be The Leader in Corporate Governance
  • Ethics to Create Sustainable Value
  • Fraud, Corruption, Money Laundering
  • Internal Audit and Board
  • Corporate Governance, Market Discipline and Risk
  • Enhancing Director and Board Effectiveness
  • Financial Language in the Boardroom
  • Analysing Financial Reports for Non-Finance Directors
  • Corporate Reporting Responsibilities & Essential Financial Analysis for New PLC Directors
  • Stock Market Performance & Basic Valuations for Non-Finance PLC Directors
  • Introduction to Capital Investment Appraisal for Board Approval
Strategy & Risk
  • Business Strategy & Risk (with Blue Ocean)
  • Mergers & Acquisitions (including joint venture that involves no equity)
  • Cybersecurity
  • Sustainability
  • Current Trends and Disruption
Innovation & Creativity
  • Innovation Strategy and Culture
  • Building Innovation Capabilities and Governance
Human Capital
  • Executive and Non-Executive Directors Reward & Recognition
  • Board and CEO Succession Planning
Organisation Performance & Board Leadership
  • Creating a High Performance Organisation
  • Performance Driven Leadership è Six Sigma and Board è Corporate Entrepreneurship

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